The church is not built on the talents and gifts of a few, but on the sacrifice of many. Serving others is a key part of what it means to be member of the church and joining a team is a great way of meeting and getting to know others.

We want to see God transform thousands of lives, and behind every changed life is the face of a team member. Whether it’s helping guests find their way around, inspiring a younger member of our church, operating the sound desk or anything in between.

Team Members are often people’s first connection to Jesus. Joining a team is not about filling a need, it is about being obedient to the call of God on your life. Whatever your experience, abilities or schedule, there is a place for you to serve!

So, go ahead and jump into a team and become a part of what God is doing through our Teams. It’s a decision you won’t regret.


Vision: Our desire is to make a difference with acts of compassion, kindness and love.

Details: Reach out and serve some of the most vulnerable, via food bank, Growbaby, Nest, Soup Run.

Commitment: Join on team at least once month, timing on the day depending which service.

Passion: welcoming, community, serving, encouraging, catering, hosting, prayer ministry.


Vision: Creating a lasting first experience for our guests, where every individual who enters feels part of the family.

Details: There are many opportunities that you can choose from including setting up, welcoming, parking, cafe, setting down and many more.

Commitment: Join on team once a month on Sunday.

Passion: welcoming, serving, hosting, greeting, directing, encouraging.


Vision: Creating an inspiring and technically excellent environment for worship.

Details: Production includes, audio, video, and media operation during Sunday gatherings.

Commitment: Join on team once a month on Sunday.

Passion: Worship, event production, sound, lighting, images.


Vision: Supporting children as they begin their journey of faith while having loads of fun.

Details: Sessions involve bible stories, worship, teaching, crafts, games and more. We need team to fulfill many different roles, from teaching, to logistics, to playing!

Requirement: DBS must be completed.

Commitment: Join on team once a month on Sunday.

Passion: Children, families, playing, games, teaching, worship, art, welcoming.


Vision: Discipling the next generation and helping them know Jesus in a real and authentic way.

Details: Being involved with our youth with the privilege of leading the next generation through their formative years.

Requirement: DBS must be completed.

Commitment: Join on team once a month on Sunday.

Passion: Young people, conversations, discipleship, fun, teaching, worship.


Vision: Leading people into God’s presence in worship.

Details: Using your skills and gifting, leading the church worship in many different environments.

Requirement: Informal audition before joining the team.

Commitment: On the weeks you are scheduled: Thursday night rehearsals.

Passion: Worship, people, music, drums, bass, guitars, keys, vocals, instruments, leading.


Vision: A heart for God’s people and connecting to God through prayer.

Details: You will play a vital part in allowing God to work in you and through you as you witness first-hand the power of Holy Spirit as you minister other.

Requirement: Basis prayer ministry training.

Passion: People, caring, prayer, spiritual gifts.


Vision: Helping the church run smoothly and efficiently.

Details: Assisting with the day-to-day operations in office hours, as well as prepare for upcoming gathering, examples include data entry, assisting the staff team, and taking phone calls and messages.

Requirement: Admin skill and computer literate.

Passion: Administration, organisation, being behind the scenes.

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How Our Teams Work

All our teams operate on what we call a serve 13 rotation, with each team split into four sub-teams that correspond with a set week in the month ie. Sub-team one serves week one, sub-team two serves week two and so on. On months with five weeks, the extra week will be covered once per year by each sub-team. Thus during a year, each sub-team will typically serve 13 times.