Materials for groups

As we launch our Online Groups for the season ahead, we want to resource our leaders with content, ideas and more. We will fill this page over time with different resources for you to use in your online group, should you need them.

Be sure to let us know if you find some great content we can share with others too!

The Prayer Course is a free online course designed for small groups from the team at 24-7 Prayer.

This is a brilliant resource designed around the Lord’s Prayer. In the circumstances we find ourselves in, often slightly isolated from others, we need to be sure of our own personal relationship with Jesus.

The Prayer Course is a great resource for encouraging this.

Bible Study

Discovery Bible Study is a method of Bible study for anyone to see for themselves what the Bible has to say.

Head over to the Discovery Bible Study website for a free, repeatable session plan. We’ve had groups using this method in Central Vineyard for a number of years.

If over the course of the next few months you find friends and neighbours interested in faith, Discovery Bible Study is a great place to start..

Vineyard Columbus have a great library of small groups ideas and resources.

Browse content, ideas, resources of all types.