Equip Training

Our Equip Training is designed to carry our vision, encourage personal growth and impact your journey with Jesus.

During the Autumn and Spring terms we run Track 1: Discovering Central Vineyard and Track 2: Discovering Discipleship. Then in the Summer term we run something called Equip NANO, which are one-off training events designed to equip the whole church for life and ministry. If you are new to Central Vineyard, then it’s best to start with Track 1.



20th, 27h Nov & 4th Dec

We believe it is important, as a growing church, that everyone knows who we are and what we do. If you’re new to Central Vineyard, or feel it’s time for a refresh on what it means to belong here, come and join us for three evenings and discover why and how we do things at Central Vineyard, what it means to join God in the renewal of all things and how our discipleship culture impacts your personal journey with Jesus.



20th, 27h Nov & 4th Dec

Jesus invites us to follow Him and be His disciples, but what does that really mean? During this course we will be looking at how we are called to Be with Jesus, Become like Jesus and Do what Jesus did. Over these three sessions you will be challenged and inspired, as well as equipped with some new tools to live as a disciple or apprentice of Jesus and grow deeper in your relationship with Him.



Summer 2020

Through our Equip Nano sessions we offer opportunities for people to grow and develop their faith in a variety of ways, whether that be learning to pray for others, practicing spiritual gifts, discovering new ways to dig deeper into the bible, or focusing on spiritual practices like prayer or worship. Equip Nano are one off sessions, open to everyone (you don’t have to complete the other two tracks beforehand) that run during the summer term.

Other Training Options

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